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This is where you can find the site rules, be sure to read the rules completely before joining.

1 1 Rules
by Forsaken Demon
Nov 26, 2008 9:48:55 GMT -6
No New Posts Join Us

Please join your wolf here. Once accepted, you may begin roleplaying!

The list of Used/Reserved names can be found here, please check the list before joining.

Sub-boards: Accepted, Denied

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No New Posts The Elements

Inside here are the lists of elemental powers. Come here to see which element you would like to have.

Which element will you choose?

Sub-boards: The Dark Element, The Light Element, The Water Element, The Fire Element, The Earth Element, The Sky Element, The Ice Element, The Storm Element, Neutral Abilities

9 9 Storm Abilities
by Forsaken Demon
Jan 23, 2009 18:26:23 GMT -6
No New Posts -Pack- Updates & Rules

Alphas will come here to update their pack rankings and place any other important information on their pack such as mates, deaths, births, ect. They will also post their rules for their pack here.

6 12 | Terranova - Home of the Storm Pack |
by Shadow
Mar 20, 2009 12:53:08 GMT -6
No New Posts General Board

Chat away...

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No New Posts Studio

If you would like a pic/html, come here and post the forms inside and someone will get to you whenever they get the chance to. Please be patient.

Sub-boards: Order, Pick-up, Artwork

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No New Posts Stories Of Our Lives

Keep a record of your character, their friends and enemies, and all those kinds of things.

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No New Posts Part Of The Past

This is where we place old/finished threads to read back upon. If we have moved a thread here and you wish for it to be replaced, please send a staff member a pm giving the thread's link and where it was. Enjoy the past.

5 50 Curiousity can kill
by Autumn
Mar 26, 2009 17:32:48 GMT -6
No New Posts Staff Corner

A board for staff to discuss plots, new abilities, issues IC and OOC, and many other things. Also, the Warning/Banned list is located here.

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by Zeno
Aug 9, 2011 9:47:04 GMT -6

Lands Of The Lone Wolf

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No New Posts The Circle

Located within the heart of this lush forest, lies eight stone like pillers. Each pillar has a unique symbol on it, these symbols seem to represent some sort of element. Some say, those less fortunate come here to gain their desired element. Meanwhile, some wolves view these elements as curses, and tend to stay away from this sacred place.

Sub-boards: Stone Of Darkness, Stone Of Sky, Stone Of Light, Stone Of Water, Stone Of Fire, Stone Of Earth, Stone Of Ice, Stone Of Storm

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No New Posts Knuse Drømme

In a place where winter is all year long, and where the sun can barely even melt a layer of ice, lies the last surviving pack of Ice Wolves. Here, within this frozen forest, the Ice Wolves' abilities are increased greatly. In the heart of the terrain, a river flows untouched by the ice that covers each and every other part of Pestilence's palace, providing a drinking source for the pack. The King of Ice, Pestilence, keeps his wolves in check. To the east of the terrain lies a small clearing, in which to them is known as the training grounds. Pestilence is all about strengthening your abilities and your mind, slackers will either be killed off or stripped of thier powers and kicked out. Pestilence wants only the best. To the north lies various dens, all ranging from small to large to fit the needs of the pack wolves. Prey is scarce here, so hunts are often held outside the territory borders. Temperatures are extremely low to fit Ice wolves and Ice wolves only, to those not of the Ice Element, this can prove to be very deadly.

Alpha Male: Pestilence
Alpha Female Nonexistent

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No New Posts Verity

Sky Pack
Tucked away between rising peaks, this grassy valley sits at a low altitude. A cool breeze often is brought from the mountains as well as snow in winter, but rarely does the valley encounter extreme weather. Generous miles of rolling green hills and meadow surround a single crystal clear lake. The mountain faces are rocky with plenty of low ledges and outcroppings. Coming up and through an accessible mountain pass, a single path winds down the southernmost mountain until it becomes a worn down trail meandering toward the lake. This south pass is the only way in or out for those limited to all fours.

Above all, this blossoming haven is covered by a wide expanse of cerulean sky. There are few trees or other such shelter to find shade. Rather the wolves den in either deep mountain caves or dug out holes in hillsides. Verity, as named, is a peaceful home to those of the Sky element. This is Sonic's domain and though a generally docile, easygoing wolf — he will protect the land and its wolves from trespassers.

Alpha Male: Sonic
Alpha Female: none

1 6 Land of the Sky wolves (gunolf cont.)
by amiron
May 10, 2009 5:19:34 GMT -6
No New Posts âme en Fue

âme en fue: soul of fire

This land of fire solely lives on the heat of the mountain in the center of the land. Underground rivers of the boiling lava keep the earth heated and void of snow all year long. Grass grows plentiful in areas further from the heated soil near the wide mountain range to the east. To the west, a great plain stretches on before dropping into a canyon of redrock and a river of lava below that flows from the underground lines. There is hardly any cloud cover over this land and the sun helps to keep the area heated even more so. For some, the heat is too much, and they son die of dehydration or lack of 'air'. The heated air makes it seem like you are suffocating and every once in a while the volcano will burst, sending clouds to the skies and ash to the earth.

In the forest of the mountain range is a large lake for wolves to quench their thirst. Game is plentiful here as is shade from the foliage. It is told that once every ten years, the moon and sun are in perfect alignment and the moon cannot be seen for a week straight. In this time, the sun burns for the whole of day and night until the week passes and the two planets go back to their normal cycle. At this time, the fire elementals have their powers at their highest and are much more lively than normal.

Alpha Male: Ra
Alpha Female: No one

1 9 Soul of Fire
by P e r i s h ♪ ♫
May 14, 2009 19:37:56 GMT -6
No New Posts Terranova

The Storm Packs territory is far different than the other territory. For starts, it rests upon a large Islands in the middle of the largest lake in the area. It’s surface is covered with looming trees and it’s shores covered in the purest white sand. Often times the Island goes through several weather changes in one day. The mornings usually start with a short flurry of snow while the afternoons and part of the evenings are sunny and beautiful. For a few hours into the night, it rains, yet the rain never falls heavily. Just a warm sprinkle.
There is only one way to the get to the Island, a rock path way. The rocks are always present and can always be seen. But, be careful because each and every rock you step upon is covered in algae, making it difficult for some to keep their footing. Beware when there is a thunder storm for the waters become choppy, making it almost impossible for anyone to cross at that time.

Alpha Male: Morax
Alpha Female:: None

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No New Posts lumière de cieux

lumière de cieux is over 10 miles of sunlit open grassland with healthy green grass. This beautiful land is home to the Light Wolves.
A large waterfall is situated near the pack's home den, it is said that any wolf that rests within the waterfall's warm water will heal with the sun's rays.
The natural beauty of the land has the numerous travellers in awe, small flowers bloom in quantities from the warm sun. It is filled with many creatures including rabbits, numerous types of colourful birds and black bears. Over the pack's den, a large tree has resided there for many moons, the light pack believe that the tree is the source for the waterfall's healing properties. This area has been called 'Paradise' by many, as some wolves come here to get away from the pressures of rivals, others for healing.

Alpha Female: Sun
Alpha Male: No ond

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No New Posts Aridia

Water Pack

As the cool winds rustle the sharp grasses and crisp leaves of the other packlands, they only cast a shy glance at the titanic lake surround by dark marble walls. Inside the valley, very little vegetation grows apart from that along the bottom of the lake which still remains quite bare. Along the outsides of the mountain walls, however, are thousands of pines that litter the ground with their wintery scent. To outsiders, this marked area appears unattractive and dead. To the true water wolves, the hidden grottos are a home, a sanctuary, and a palace unique to all of the lands. Lead by the alphess, Aeris, the pack sticks to honor and honesty –a rare commodity in this twisted world. Those who wish to join must be strong of heart and mind with a conscience as clear as the waters of their great lake.

Alpha Female: Aeris
Alpha Male: None

1 1 Can't hold back the tide.
by krrazy
Mar 31, 2009 13:10:30 GMT -6
No New Posts Sole Nero

Sole Nero is a place of the dark element. Consisting of a large forest full of dead trees and a slowly flowing water, this area has a eerie feeling to it. There is inexplicably a large quantity of thick fog hanging around Sole Nero nearly all the time, but once in a while it may thin out. The terrain never gets very much light, and the light it does get is nothing more than overcast. Sole Nero is located in what you might say is a valley. Steep ledges surround the area, which also contributes to the casting of shadows.

Alpha Female: Riha
Alpha Male: none

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No New Posts Northern Mountains

Snow is constant in the northern mountains. Jagged peaks that pierce the heavens, mostly unclimbable. Little oxygen is at the mountain's uppermost ridge of peaks and the ground is treacherous. It is safe to say only the gods have ever seen these heights. Lower in altitude is more commonly visited. Here there is less snow and more prey. No matter how high or low one is though, when in the Northern mountains its adivsed to always keep a keen eye out for avalanches and sudden blizzards.
This land is sacred to Ice wolves.

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No New Posts The Frozen Prarie

A flat, barren land. Even in summer the climate is cold with temperatures hardly ever over freezing. In the summer, snow melts to reveal dry praire grasses, shrubs and lichen. Animal life is sparse, and because of hibernation it becomes almost nonexistent during the harsh winter. Sweeping winds often come without warning, and tear up the soil. Hunting is decent including: lemmings, voles, caribou, hares and squirrels. A thin river runs a straight course across the tundra and down the mountains to the Northern coast.
This is a neutral land.

1 2 lone and seperated
by amiron
May 10, 2009 5:25:55 GMT -6
No New Posts Glacier Lake

Over a millennium ago there were glaciers along the Northern coast and throughout the Northern mountains. These mammoth creations are still melting in places, leaving behind freezing cold lakes miles wide. Some, such as this, still have chunks of ice large enough to walk on. As with all lands in the north it is cold here, and there is quite often snow on the ground. Wolves aren't afraid to gather here though, as it is accessible and a generally welcoming environment. In winter the lake freezes over and by spring can be unstable as it thaws.
This land is sacred to Water wolves.

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No New Posts Snake River

The Snake River is flat and wide, rushing in parts and still in others. Bushy trees line its unknown length. The river carves a path from the far east all the way through hilly terrain, past the village until it empties at the coast. A primary water source with many tributaries joining in with its flow. Warm enough year round that it doesn't freeze and doesn't often see snow. Prey is plentiful along the riverbanks and makes for an easy catch. At one spot along the river a tall sculpture of a howling wolf is raised up on a stony platform. Almost all of the elemental wolves claim this as a gift from the gods, a promise of strength and solidity for their packs. Yet none of the wolves know where or when it arrived.
This is a neutral land.

1 2 The Khaos All Around
by Forsaken Demon
Mar 30, 2009 14:24:59 GMT -6
No New Posts Three Hills

Rolling hills ramble at the base of the Northern mountains. Although called, "Three Hills", there are far more than three spreading from the Eastern border to the Western coast. Wooded groves of trees spring up out of nowhere, offering shade from the warm sun. Snow falls in the winter but not heavilly. Although there is plenty of rain year round. Hunting is excellent, with herds of grazing animals all around. This is a haven for wolves to bring young pups or to rest far from daily life.
This land is sacred to Earth wolves.

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No New Posts Old Village

Tucked among the hills is an old, old human village. It is in shambles now, the shacks and huts are falling apart. A tiny church is one of the few buildings that still stands strong. Inside are a few rough wooden benches, a raised platform and all sorts of holy items. A long narrow building still stands as well, once a storage shed for grain and other harvested foods. Most of the food has rotten or been destroyed by floods, but enough grain is still there to host a thriving population of small prey. A sad and lonely place, the village continues to crumble in tired silence.
This land is sacred to Light wolves.

1 15 A light in the darkness
by Kairu~Sun
Mar 31, 2009 11:29:22 GMT -6


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No New Posts Soldier's Wilderness

Soldier's Wilderness, over a million acres of coniferous forest. A popular hunting area with a variety of animal species. From wolverines and fox to the large grizzlies. The wilderness covers area from the north to the east and ends at the coast. Among the natural beauties of the forest are giant free falling waterfalls, geysers and hot springs. Losing direction is easy as the sky is often blocked by the towering treetops. The name "Soldier's Wilderness" has been passed down through legend. It is said that the greatest wolves have staged battles in the few large clearings and that even the gods have touched this place.
This land is sacred to Sky wolves.

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No New Posts Sentosa Cove

What a place of romance! Sentosa Cove is a hidden seaside wonderland. Sunsets along the narrow beach are unrivaled, cliffs the perfect height for climbing. Almost every wolf knows of the cove but it is a secret rarely shared with an other save for lovers. Time is washed away by the waves and Sentosa cove becomes a haven for passion. There is plenty of food for hunting and the seaside caves make for great exploration.
This is a neutral land.

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No New Posts The Coast

From the north to the south, the coast changes as it goes. In the desolate far north, the ocean's are wild and untamed. In the south it is calmer and warmer. Hunting is decent along most of the coast. Exluding the rougher parts, it is an excellent place to play or spend time. From here there is a land bridge that stretches out to the Abandoned Isles. Enjoy the salty ocean spray, crashing waves, thunderous storms or lounge on tropical beaches with waving palms, red sunsets and warm breezes.
This land is sacred to Storm wolves.

1 1 | The Rolling Thunder...
by Shadow
Mar 21, 2009 8:45:23 GMT -6

Abandoned Isles

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No New Posts Island of Forgotten Souls

Long ago at the forming of the world, two islands were created from the force of nature. One, the Lost Island, was born from an underwater volcano. The second, a larger island broke off from the mainland. A narrow strip of land and rocks bridge the island to the lush green mainland shore. There is no particular name for this, most wolves in the area call it the "land bridge" or something similar. Crossing it takes little time, and before long the wide stretch of island comes into view. This green paradise is called the Island of Forgotten Souls. Rich with colorful creatures and sandy white beaches, the sun is almost always shining and the temperature unaffected by seasons. An unassuming place wrapped in grisly tales of horror. In the past wolves were exiled here to live out their days. Their remains are scattered across the island in between stone ruins of the past.
Wander here in the sunny days and enjoy it! Fear only the night.
This is a neutral land.

1 2 walking //open
by Forsaken Demon
Mar 22, 2009 10:30:19 GMT -6
No New Posts The Lost Island

Dark and haunted, this island sits far west of the mainland. There is only a short stretch of water separating the Lost Island from its counterpart — the Island of Forgotten Souls. Nearly year round the swim is easily made by a strong wolf, but what creature is brave enough to travel this far? Lost Island itself is surrounded by a thick mist that never parts, even during the height of day. The island is only a few miles wide, most of which is covered by thick forest. There is an ancient cave at the heart of the island, but strange markings around the entrance and an eerie silence from within have wrought fear into even the boldest of adventurers.
For too many years this island has been left untouched and a dark evil is rising up, care to find out why? Then travel here, but the warning has been made.
This is a neutral land.

Sub-board: Unnatural Cave

1 14 The Knife
by P e r i s h ♪ ♫
May 14, 2009 20:32:26 GMT -6


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Gorge

A picturesque scene of rising and falling red stone canyon walls. Looking over the canyon's ridge, one can see the twinkle of a rapid river that once was wide enough to carve out this magnificent place. At the canyon it is hot and dry with only shrubby plants, skinny trees and rocks decorating the earth. Reptiles, fox, coyotes and smaller prey tear around the area hiding from the daytime heat in small caves. At night it becomes quite chilly but many animals are awake and active during this time. The canyon sees little precipitation, its only water source is the river.
This land is sacred to Fire wolves.

1 14 .s.a.g.e.
by Shadow
May 24, 2009 8:11:35 GMT -6
No New Posts Peccant

Like its name suggests, Peccant is a "morally objectionable" place. Nothing good happens here. If one asks the question, "where have you been?" and the answer is "Peccant", then the wise wolf will shut their mouth and let it be. Murder, lust, villainy and the like all happen here.
This land is sacred to Dark wolves.

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No New Posts Wastelands

This is not a desert but a desolate, bleak terrain riddled with slimy puddles of water and dead trees. Everything is destroyed, there are no animals to hunt and no green vegetation. A lifeless graveyard for the dead. Here there are without doubt, demons and terrors that no wolf speaks of. No one knows what lies south of the wastelands, no one has cared to find out. A fast river separates the wastelands from everything up north. There are few safe crossing points and even then the river is known to swiftly change course and knock the sturdiest off their legs. Welcome to the wastelands, home of the dead.
This is a neutral land.

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